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Two women and three men look at a laptop screen with enthusiasm and interest.
Two women and three men look at a laptop screen with enthusiasm and interest.

Supportive community

Be part of an encouraging network in the Stuttgart Region.

Networking in the Stuttgart Region 

Experience valuable connections in a vibrant community that fosters collaboration and networking. IT and AI specialists will find a wide range of opportunities to network and exchange ideas in a professional and personal environment. 


Launch your success: support for startups

We work together to bring your business ideas to life. From a kick-start program for international tech startups to customized consulting services, the ecosystem of the Stuttgart Region supports aspiring entrepreneurs every step of the way.  


Concentrated tech power

The Stuttgart Region is not only home to a large number of high-profile tech companies that create a diverse and dynamic tech community, but also to numerous initiatives such as AI Xpress Böblingen, Quantum Village Ehningen, and KI-Allianz Baden-Württemberg which connect these players and provide a strong local network.  


Dedicated tech community

The thriving IT community fosters exchange and collaboration with like-minded people. Various IT networks, events, and forums support professional development and knowledge transfer between researchers, developers, and users.  

Become a part of our community

Effective cooperation

The focus is on collaboration rather than competition. Initiatives such as the regional centers of excellence and Arena 2036 give you the opportunity to work across sectors with science and business experts to drive future development.  


Experience local culture

Once immersed in the local culture, you will become seamlessly integrated into the diverse community life of the Stuttgart Region. The region’s many cultural and sporting events as well as vibrant city and wine festivals provide excellent opportunities to connect with locals and internationals.  

Discover a great place to live and work


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